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Posted on June 15, 2017

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Build on Your Reading Apprenticeship Professional Learning

We’re excited to announce that we are launching a brand new 2-day institute, “Deepening Reading Apprenticeship Classroom Practice.” It will debut next summer 2018, exclusively for those who have had at least three days of Reading Apprenticeship. If you have attended a Reading Apprenticeship institute or had three days of training at your site and have been practicing Reading Apprenticeship routines in your classroom, and are hungry for more, this is the continued learning experience for you.

Participants in this institute will deepen their ability to support students’ reading comprehension, collaboration skills, and stamina by learning how to:

  • Deepen metacognitive conversation in your classroom
  • Use varied texts and supports to reach content learning goals
  • Practice clarifying and questioning routines so you can turn the sustained work of learning back to students
  • Formatively assess students and plan for responsive instruction

Visit the event page for more details.

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