Winter PL Opportunities

Calling all middle school, high school, and college educators of all subject areas! Take a Reading Apprenticeship course online this winter and help your students take control of their complex … [Read more...]

Summer and Fall PL Opportunities

Literacy is empowering! Take a Reading Apprenticeship course online this summer or fall and help your students take control of their complex academic reading tasks. You will learn how to establish a … [Read more...]

New Year-Round Digital Professional Learning Options

The Reading Apprenticeship Team has tapped its deep expertise in online professional development to design new learning opportunities to meet educators' rapidly changing schedules and classroom … [Read more...]

Supporting Teaching and Learning While at a Distance

The Reading Apprenticeship Team wishes to convey our sincere support for all of the educators working courageously to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are inspired by stories from teachers and … [Read more...]

Winter Professional Learning Opportunities

January is a great time to energize your teaching practice with fellow educators and Reading Apprenticeship’s expert facilitators. A great benefit of online learning is that you can try out what you … [Read more...]

Engage & empower your students with new approaches to academic literacy!

Reading Apprenticeship is evidence-based teacher professional learning, focused on improving academic literacy and social emotional learning. Our instructional routines and approaches are based on a … [Read more...]

Metacognition in Carved Ice? A New Kind of Networking Prompt

The Washington state annual college conference on Reading Apprenticeship, Metacognition and Mindfulness, hit a milestone this March 8-9, with its successful 5th Annual conference. Two hundred faculty, … [Read more...]

Three Exciting Conferences This Spring

Join fellow College Reading Apprenticeship practitioners and learn more about Reading Apprenticeship at conferences across the country in the next few months! February, 24-27, 2019, New York City, … [Read more...]

Adopting Reading Apprenticeship at Pasadena City College

A new report on the adoption of Reading Apprenticeship at Pasadena City College (PCC) has just been published by Equal Measure, the research and evaluation partner of the Helmsley Charitable Trust's … [Read more...]

Demonstrating Reading Apprenticeship Excellence

The Reading Apprenticeship Community College STEM Network was featured as a spotlight practice in a new report from The Campaign for College Opportunity (CCO). CCO is a non-profit organization … [Read more...]