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Posted on November 18, 2014

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December Conference Presentations

SLI leaders will present findings and resources from current work at two research conferences next week. Conference attendees are encouraged to attend, and presentations will be made available on the Publications page for free download in January 2015.

December 4, 2014: Literacy Research Association
SLI Co-Director Cynthia Greenleaf and colleagues will present insight into how argument and argumentation are conceptualized; what impact these conceptualizations have for student opportunities to learn; and what kinds of professional development and classroom practices may be necessary for creating a dialogic space that supports argumentation literacy. Link to session information here.

December 4, 2014: California Educational Research Association
SLI Associate Director Mary Stump and researchers from IMPAQ International and Empirical Education will present findings from the Reading Apprenticeship Improving Secondary Education (RAISE) study related to teacher practice change, teacher leadership, and supports for sustaining professional learning.

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