Impact & Stories

From the Field

From the classroom, school, district, college, and state level, we gather data-rich “success stories” to inspire others. We also hear snippets and tidbits from a range of classroom “voices” that inform our understanding of Reading Apprenticeship and often make us smile.

Success Stories Spotlight

How A Large Urban District Focused on Literacy Instruction and Improved Student Learning

With support, leadership and Reading Apprenticeship, teachers in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) have been able to shift instruction in ways that have helped students excel.

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Voices & Views Spotlight

Caught by Surprise

Lilit Haroyan is one of a dozen faculty advisors working with Reading Apprenticeship staff members on a program for STEM instructors. She is an experienced community college teacher, yet when she first encountered Reading Apprenticeship, it caught her by surprise. She has a considered bit of advice should it happen to you!

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