Impact & Stories

By the Numbers

Since 1995, the Strategic Literacy Initiative at WestEd has been conducting literacy research, facilitating Reading Apprenticeship professional development, and changing students’ relationships to subject area reading, writing, and reasoning—in middle school, high school, and college.

Currently, we are serving 1500+ secondary teachers and 200,000+ students in 175 middle and high schools.

At the college level, we have worked with 1500+ teachers at 230+ campuses. Currently, 500+ instructors are participating in Reading Apprenticeship professional development.

Three randomized controlled studies of Reading Apprenticeship professional development have found statistically significant gains on standardized tests in reading comprehension, biology, U.S. history, and English language arts. On many measures, students’ scores were well over a year ahead of the control students.

We are in the midst of four new federally funded projects. Three of these are designed to increase and measure the reach of Reading Apprenticeship—in high school science, history, and English language arts, in middle school subject area reading and writing, and in online science professional development. The fourth project is a federal effort to improve reading comprehension in grades 6–12 nationwide; the Strategic Literacy Initiative, and Reading Apprenticeship teachers, are key partners in carrying out this work.

  • currently reaching 204,570 students
  • currently reaching 1,567 teachers
  • currently reaching 175 secondary schools
  • currently reaching 519 college
  • 3 randomized controlled studies, all with statistically significant, meaningful effect sizes on students’ standardized test scores
  • 4 current multi-year studies funded by U.S. Department of Education to increase reach and effectiveness of Reading Apprenticeship