Impact & Stories

What are people saying about Reading Apprenticeship lately? Learn what educators report about their experiences and what our own staff have to say about the literacy field more generally.

Panels and Interviews

Educator Panel Reports Reading Apprenticeship Impacts

Policy leaders in Washington, DC, hear from teachers and administrators about Reading Apprenticeship experiences in their classrooms, schools, and districts.

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The Eureka Moment for Reading Apprenticeship

As Cynthia Greenleaf tells it, when she and Ruth Schoenbach made a foray into project-based learning, many years ago, the result shocked them. Students could not read the tantalizing texts assembled to engage them. The pair’s response was to found the Strategic Literacy Initiative and begin developing Reading Apprenticeship.

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Converging Coherence: How Standards Help

The convergence toward discipline-based literacy represented by the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards gives educators a coherent focus for achieving more effective instruction, according to SLI co-director Cynthia Greenleaf in comments to an audience of education policy makers.

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