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Posted on July 16, 2018

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Learn Reading Apprenticeship Online this Fall

Reading Apprenticeship Introduction Online starts September 9, 2018 and is open for registration! Don’t miss this chance to re-energize your passion for teaching while earning continuing education credits and engaging in a professional learning program that meets ESSA standards for “strong” evidence.

This two-course series is similar to our three-day, Reading Apprenticeship Introduction Live for middle and high school teachers. Since this opportunity takes place online over the course of the school year, participants are able to enact new instructional routines as they are learned, and then engage in dialogue with peers and our expert facilitator about what worked and what didn’t.

Course activities include professional reading, classroom video case inquiries, trying out Reading Apprenticeship routines in your classroom, and reflecting and getting feedback on that practice with your online colleagues.

You will learn and practice:

  1. new strategies to build student motivation to read,
  2. multiple ways to elicit productive classroom dialogue about text, and
  3. new skills for quickly assessing what your students need to improve their reading comprehension

As you transform your classroom over the year, you will find that your students really can tackle complex text, collaborate, and become independent learners.

Participation is asynchronous, so you can participate in a way that works with your own schedule, but everyone is encouraged to keep to a 6-week schedule. Read more about the course or check out this short interview with Reading Apprenticeship Introduction online course developers Ruth Schoenbach and Heather Howlett.

The core text for the class is Reading for Understanding — you can download selected chapters here.

The course starts September 9th, so register now to reserve your spot! Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) are available.

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