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Posted on March 10, 2019

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Metacognition in Carved Ice? A New Kind of Networking Prompt

The Washington state annual college conference on Reading Apprenticeship, Metacognition and Mindfulness, hit a milestone this March 8-9, with its successful 5th Annual conference. Two hundred faculty, across the state and beyond, attended the conference. With Renton Technical College hosting the conference, as it has in the past four years, participants had the benefit not only of catering by students in the school’s culinary program, but of the skills of a local ice-carver.

Asked about what made this year’s conference unique, Michele Lesmeister, a statewide leader for Reading Apprenticeship in Washington and coordinator of Renton’s annual conference, described the Friday evening networking event. “Our ice-carver had made a big “M” in ice that served as a conversation starter. We asked people to find others they didn’t know and share lessons they’d learned in the days’ workshops and generally have a chance to network. People really enjoyed getting to know each other, with metacognition as the conversational prompt.”

To learn more about Reading Apprenticeship at the college level, watch a video of Reading Apprenticeship in action in a college classroom, or read about our many professional learning opportunities.

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