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Posted on September 3, 2019

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Webinar: Learn How To Build STEM Knowledge and Reading Comprehension Simultaneously

As educators have come to understand what new STEM and NGSS standards require, they are asking for support – “HOW do we do this?” In this September 11, 2019 webinar, our expert science educators and Reading Apprenticeship facilitators Will Brown and Heather Howlett introduce you to evidence-based teaching routines and video of science classrooms that illustrate how reframing reading as an investigation can help students gain solid STEM knowledge and reading comprehension skills simultaneously.

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  • About Reading Apprenticeship: Designed to support both academic and social-emotional learning, Reading Apprenticeship is an evidence-based professional learning and instructional model. We give subject area teachers new ways to engage students with complex text, and to apprentice them into discipline-specific ways of reading, writing, speaking, and reasoning. Reading Apprenticeship STEM teachers and their students have made the most significant gains in rigorous studies of teacher practice and student learning outcomes.
  • Free Curriculum Modules & Text Sets: Reading Apprenticeship is designed to work with any curriculum because it is focused on instructional routines; however, we know that STEM teachers struggle to find new ways to add more complex and engaging texts to their regular course work. Federally funded projects supported researchers and STEM teachers to work together to develop these free text sets and instructional materials.

Missed the webinar? Don’t worry! You can now view the recording:

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