Professional Learning Approach

Our Apprenticeship Approach

Professional Learning Approach

Transforming secondary classroom teaching and learning remains a persistent challenge, especially in this era of new standards. Reading Apprenticeship professional learning is an inquiry-based approach to adult learning—with proven impacts on instructional quality and student learning—that incorporates all aspects of the Reading Apprenticeship instructional framework.

School-based teams of teachers, administrators, and other literacy leaders engage in inquiry practices that model the target instructional routines of Reading Apprenticeship.

  • Participants surface their own disciplinary expertise with texts
  • Participants learn to analyze the features of complex disciplinary texts
  • Participants learn to identify and build on student strengths
  • Participants practice classroom routines to build student engagement, support student collaboration, and foster authentic discussion and problem solving around challenging academic texts.
  • Participants learn how to integrate these routine ways of engaging with reading into ongoing subject area instruction—deeply reframing the way students think about, talk about, and read texts in their classrooms.

Our Professional Goals for Teachers make explicit the practices that teachers learn in Reading Apprenticeship professional learning.

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“Going through my own reading process analysis was really powerful. It gave me real insight into how to talk to students about scaffolding their own learning. The most helpful thing about it was recognizing that there were times in my life when I really didn’t understand what I read and I didn’t know what to do, even though I’m a ‘good’ reader.”