Reading Apprenticeship for First Year Experience

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Reading Apprenticeship for First Year Experience

What You Learn

  • How to use Reading Apprenticeship as an instructional framework to support robust learning in first year seminar courses and/or summer bridge programs
  • How to recognize and model for students the reading strategies you use as an expert reader of academic texts
  • How to build students’ willingness and capacity to read more, and more rigorous (college-level) texts
  • How to accelerate students’ learning and literacy, simultaneously, as they transition to college
  • How to engage students in understanding their own thinking processes—the power of metacognition
  • How to foster learning dispositions of persistence, problem solving, and collaboration

Additionally, online follow-up sessions will address:

  • Using Reading Apprenticeship in STEM-specific summer bridge and/or FYE courses
  • Embedding Reading Apprenticeship in tutor training and tutoring settings
  • How to utilize ePortfolios
  • Leadership concerns and working across traditional divides (e.g., academic affairs and student affairs)

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Who Should Participate

  • Higher-ed (university, college, community and technical college) instructors of all subject areas and levels
  • Administrators or Student Support Educators who are working to help design or develop First Year Experience courses and/or programs


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Included Course Materials

Nika Hogan ⋅