Research & Evidence

Integrating Reading Apprenticeship and Science Instruction in High School Biology

Impact on Teacher Practice, Student Engagement, and Student Achievement

This randomized controlled study was conducted in 70 California high schools that serve high proportions of African American, Latino, and English learner students. Eighty-seven teachers participated. The treatment was 10 days of Reading Apprenticeship teacher professional development in biology.

Teacher surveys and interviews indicate that treatment teachers provided richer biology and literacy instruction than control teachers over the one-year course of the intervention. In addition, teacher assignments were scored to rank features of biology and literacy instruction; treatment teachers provided more effective assignments than control teachers.

Treatment students had significantly higher standardized test scores in biology, reading comprehension, and English language arts than control students. The effect size of these differences suggests that at the end of the treatment year, Reading Apprenticeship students were well over a year ahead of the control students in these areas.