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Posted on August 31, 2015

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Reading Apprenticeship: Writing Connections 2015-2016 Update

Congratulations to the 700 secondary teachers in California, Indiana, Michigan, and Pennsylvania who started their journey to deeper literacy instruction with Reading Apprenticeship: Writing Connections professional learning this summer. Participating teachers and administrators were introduced to the program and one another online, and then attended three-day institutes in their states. Now, as the school year begins, they are putting this professional learning to work, using collaboration and personal connections to establish positive learning cultures in their classrooms, and trying out new instructional routines to help their students understand, create, and apply new knowledge using challenging texts.

Our expert Reading Apprenticeship facilitators look forward to seeing all of these teachers in September for their first online synchronous learning experience which will focus on building deeper understanding of metacognition through dialogue, reading, and practicing routines such as “Think Aloud.” Teachers will leave the session able to more fully describe the ways that thinking, talking and writing about reading develops students’ awareness, and control over, their own reading process, and thus their comprehension.

To see an example of metacognition, click here for a classroom video of a “Think Aloud” Reading Apprenticeship routine in action.

To read more about this project which is funded by the U.S. Department of Education SEED grant, click here.

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