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Reading Apprenticeship Across the Disciplines National Meeting

On May 25, partners from five states will launch SLI’s new SEED-funded project, Reading Apprenticeship Across the Disciplines (RAAD). Leaders will fine-tune plans for their first summer professional learning institutes which begin in July. RAAD, which will continue for three years, includes a cross-disciplinary approach to learning, in which middle and high school educators of all subjects come together face-to-face at summer institutes. Following the summer institutes and throughout the school year, educators will participate in small, subject-specific online learning communities. This pairing of cross-disciplinary learning in large groups, and small subject-specific groups, is a new innovation that we anticipate will be a strong model for large scale, affordable dissemination.

Each of our RAAD partners have expertise in literacy and supporting strong teacher learning networks and leadership. Our RAAD partners are:
Fresno County Office of Education in California
The Middle School Quality Initiative in New York City
The Texas Center for Educator Effectiveness
Reading Apprenticeship Michigan
CESA 1 and CESA 6 in Wisconsin

If you are an educator in CA, NY, TX, MI, or WI and have a team of three or more educators from your school that would like to participate in Reading Apprenticeship professional learning, please reach out to Diane Lee at dlee2@wested.org and she will connect you with a partner in your state.

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