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Posted on November 30, 2017

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Leadership to Transform Subject Area Literacy

An article in November’s Phi Delta Kappan by SLI co-directors Ruth Schoenbach and Cynthia Greenleaf, features examples of district change through Reading Apprenticeship. The article, “Leading for Literacy: Engaging Schools and Districts in Transforming Subject-Area Literacy” uses excerpts from our recent book, Leading for Literacy, and synthesizes key lessons learned about leadership strategies to promote significant changes in cross-subject literacy.

The authors write, “For 25 years the Reading Apprenticeship program has shown that when school and district leaders embrace a collective responsibility to provide effective reading and writing instruction, they can help subject-area teachers reflect on their own literacy practices and fundamentally rethink their approach to literacy instruction.”

Phi Delta Kappan is one of country’s most influential education journals, featuring articles about classroom practice, policy, research, professional issues, and innovations in education. Addressing issues related to K-12 education and with its unique role in education, Kappan sits clearly at the intersection of practice, policy, and research. We are honored to have our work featured in their publication.

To learn more and read an excerpt of the article, visit the Publications & Downloads section of our website.

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