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Posted on April 28, 2017

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NEW! Reading Apprenticeship Digital Learning Opportunity

Many teachers have asked for a way to learn Reading Apprenticeship during the school year, and we are happy to announce it is now available: Reading Apprenticeship Introduction Online for middle and high school teachers of all content areas is open for registration! The introduction is a two course series, which includes learning the Reading Apprenticeship framework and the evidence-based literacy learning strategies we are well-known for, but because it is online, participants have the benefit of getting feedback as they try out the new strategies in their own classrooms. Even if you have attended some of our professional learning in the past, we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to dive into Reading for Understanding and reflect on your own literacy practices and student work with one of our expert facilitators and a group of like-minded educators.

The courses are asynchronous, so you can participate in a way that works with your own schedule. Course activities include professional reading, viewing classroom video, posting to online discussions, and trying out Reading Apprenticeship routines in your classroom.

You will come away with new strategies to build student motivation to read, multiple ways to elicit productive classroom dialogue about text, and a new skills for quickly assessing what your students need to improve their reading comprehension. As you transform your classroom over the year, you will find that your students really can tackle complex text, collaborate, and become independent learners.

Read more about the courses or check out this short interview with course developers Ruth Schoenbach and Heather Howlett.

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