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School Visits in MI: Making Literacy Learning Real for Teachers and Administrators

A contingent of educators from Charlotte Mecklenberg Schools (CMS), a district with long term plans for embedding Reading Apprenticeship into content literacy instruction in their middle and high schools, recently visited Michigan to learn more about what Reading Apprenticeship looks like in action on a large scale. The CMS group, which included principals, curriculum specialists, and teachers, was hosted by Reading Apprenticeship Michigan State Coordinator, Bill Loyd, as well as several other Reading Apprenticeship consultants and teachers.

The group spent two days observing Reading Apprenticeship in over a dozen classrooms at Fordson High School in Dearborn, MI and Berkley High School in Berkley, MI. Educators were particularly excited to see literacy strategies at work with diverse student populations like those in Dearborn, a city home to the largest Arabic-speaking population outside of the Middle East. They were also able to meet with several principals, literacy coaches, teacher leaders, and teachers to debrief observations and ask questions about the work in their schools. Brian Whiston, Dearborn Superintendent and next Michigan State Superintendent of Schools joined for a portion of the meeting as well.

Jami Rodgers, CMS Literacy Curriculum Specialist, said of the visit, “This experience really kick-started our team into high gear and paved the way for the work ahead to be done. Everyone in the group remains excited and eager to plan next steps. Several of the principals are already gearing up to lead their teachers in new directions.”

By the end of the visit, CMS leaders were already making plans for further visits. They are also preparing for another round of Reading Apprenticeship trainings in their middle and high schools this summer, which will be attended by over 320 CMS teachers.

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