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Race to the Top District Expands Reading Apprenticeship PD to All Secondary Teachers

Reading Apprenticeship has been a key element in the New Haven (CA) school district’s successful $29.3 million Race to the Top proposal—both in winning the grant and in meeting the district’s goals for students. Lisa Metzinger, who directs the district RTTT grant, cites the central role of Reading Apprenticeship professional development in preparing New Haven secondary students for the Common Core, college, and careers:

“Reading Apprenticeship has allowed teachers in the New Haven Unified School District to analyze their own disciplinary ways of reading and helped us target ways to refocus our instruction. Teachers who have been trained in Reading Apprenticeship have begun the (sometimes difficult) shift away from solely teaching content to teaching students how to approach, read, and analyze texts grounded in the targeted content. It’s the difference between teaching students what’s in the book and teaching them how to read the book—and any other book they choose to pick up! We believe that this better prepares our students for the demands of the Common Core, the complex texts they will encounter in college, and the variety of texts they will encounter in their careers.”

New Haven USD has worked with Reading Apprenticeship and SLI since 2009. Their winning RTTT proposal allows the district to expand Reading Apprenticeship professional development to all secondary teachers and to provide intensive summer institutes, embedded school-year teacher support, and ongoing leadership support.


In the New Haven (CA) school district, Logan High School biology students explain their thinking to one another as teacher Abby Noche listens in. All secondary teachers in the district are being trained in Reading Apprenticeship approaches for developing subject area literacy.

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