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Read Science Diagrams? Oh, We Do That in Football Practice

When the whole school takes up Reading Apprenticeship, there’s no reason to excuse the gym teachers!

Gym teachers don’t have an excuse, “I teach gym, I don’t teach reading.” I’m a person who says, “Where can I use this?”

I coach kids who’ve had no exposure to football or baseball, so we really lay down the diagrams. It’s a reading strategy.

If I write on the board, “I-Formation 21 Dive,” they would have to turn it into a diagram. They draw what’s happening. Somebody else would be able to take this diagram and write a paragraph.

The kids can read it, they can write about it, and they can analyze it. They bring it out to the field. So I’m not on the ground making the plays in the sand, “Okay, Tommy, you come this way. Billy you go that way.” No, they know it.

We went undefeated last year, because we changed the way we taught the kids.

The side note is, in our science department, one of our things is turning a diagram into text. Or turning text that you’ve read into a diagram, to show you understand it. When I have those football players in my science class, they can relate to a science diagram, “Oh, we do that in practice.” Our football players can show kids in science, “This is how it works.”

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