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Posted on September 21, 2016

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Wisconsin Middle School Teachers Dive into RAAD, Reading Apprenticeship Across the Disciplines


Appleton Area Middle School Teachers in Wisconsin Make Plans for Integrating Reading Apprenticeship into Their Subject Area Classrooms.

This summer, teachers and administrators, hailing from four districts (Appleton, Fond du Lac, Mayville and Berlin) gathered in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, at the local Cooperative Educational Services Agency (CESA 6) to begin a two-year Reading Apprenticeship professional learning experience. As they go back to school this fall, they enter their classrooms with new teaching routines, a deeper understanding of disciplinary literacy, and a strong learning community to turn to for support.

From now through summer 2018, these teachers—and hundreds more from five other states—will participate in a variety of ongoing RAAD professional learning opportunities: face-to-face institutes, monthly discipline-specific PLCs online, and school team meetings. Participating teachers will engage students in their classrooms in Reading Apprenticeship’s unique textual and conversational routines utilizing the social, personal, cognitive, and knowledge building dimensions to tackle extensive reading in their subject areas.

“The Reading Apprenticeship model,” notes CESA 6 Literacy Coordinator and veteran teacher Anne Pagel, “addresses the development of student identity as a reader, as a member of a social classroom, as a learner, and as a strategic reader. Engaging students in metacognitive conversations across all dimensions will be something new to many teachers, but having experienced this component firsthand in the 3-day institute this summer, the teachers were definitely already beginning to see the potential benefits.”

Pagel observes that whereas “districts regularly dedicate their energies, professional development and resources to the elementary level, RAAD provides a solid and manageable framework for teachers at the secondary level.” She also praises RAAD’s blended learning model. “Far too often, teachers receive ‘one and done’ professional development, and new practices and content cannot be sustained due to a lack of support. With the combination of face-to-face, interactive professional development, the online PLC’s, and the school level meetings, RAAD will ensure success!”

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